final fantasy hearts

Where the fandom continues to new heights


Hello and welcome to my site.This is the site where me and my friends can make our roleplay lift to new heights.Now you are welcome here,just beware of the extreme fandom ok?


The cast [of our series+ect.]

 Lets save Roxas the characters are:

Roxas,Sora,Namine,Axel,Riku,Larxene,Vexen,Demyx,Zack,Marluxia(Marly),Soul,Sephiroth,Cloud,and Leon.


Whoever goes dB

 Rules for rp topics:

-tell me if you have a Rp ideas,must have a plot!

-You can choose who can be the main characters in you Rp. 

-add your own rules as you wish

-the greyroom is an exception to teh rules!


Character listing

here I go :D

Roxas: Miss_sephiroth

Zack: Miss_sephiroth

Namine: Autominous

Vexen: Valkyrie333

Kuja: Valkyrie333

Demyx: Autominous

Marly(marluxia): Valkyrie333

Cloud: Miss_sephiroth

Leon: Miss_sephiroth

Soul{a human/dog}: Miss_sephiroth

Axel: Sesshy_wind

Larxene: Sesshy_wind

 Sora: Miss_sephiroth

If you want to be a character/O.c please contact me Miss_sephiroth